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[English] Dofous 1.3x Private server.[Frigostia][Dd's 12th Gen][Syringes]

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Dofous is a semi-like 1.36 server, Our goal is to obtain a level of debug comparable to the official one.

- Semi-like
- XP: [1 to 59: x4]-[60 to 114: x3]-[115 to 189: x2]-[190 to 200: x1] // DROP: [x2] // PROFESSION: [ x4] // KAMAS: [x2]
- Exo AP or MP on the same item
- chance of success of an exo 1 in 4 Vip 1 in 10 non-Vip
- about 90% translated into english.( we strive to get this to 100%!)
- Droppable stuff from level 1 to level 120.
- Stuff from level 120 to level 200 available in craft.

That is why you will find here:

- All classes debug: IA summons and Dopple Summoning Spells functional and similar to (official 1.29)
- Official Dungeon Boss Strats! (Kralamoure, Kimbo, Ougah, Rasboul etc!)
- Functional breeding (Droppable DD at low rate except crosses), Timing of breeding divided by 2
- Class item
- 100% debug spirit gems
- Better AI of monsters and summons seen on an SP (decisions, human behavior).
- A master mode that brings the group together, autojoin
- .pass (Yes, we're thinking of farmers!)
- A Prism and area capture system.
- You can start a fight against a dopple every 4 hours
- The keyring is renewed every 4 days!
- HD Remastered Version
- Reworked AI (smarter and faster)
- Stable and sustainable economy (building up as we are new.)
- Quick equipment
- Achievements and rewards associated with different levels
- Drop of items and resources suitable for a semi-like
- Lair of the Giant Kralove accessible via relic
- Generalized HDV
- Professions
- Batch crafting (considerable time saving)
- Ergonomic backup system for your accounts
- Only one window
- A functional smithmagic
- THL song system readapted for 1.36

We hope you join! As we are the most english developed server out there! see you soon?

Server Discord

Server Website


Custom gear from the Item shop, Cannot be used in pvp/aggro fights anymore.
Finished adding the last couple hunderds of objects/tiles for map making into the client.
Frigostia Part 1 ( Island ) maps have been created.
266 New items ( Syringes ) have been added. ( Not all of these will be used.) ( explanation shall be below the update list. )
New camo items added. ( 1 hat, 3 capes, 1 shield. )
5 new maps made, these would be for the Frigostia island 1 dungeon.
All new Frigostia maps have now been added into the database+Client.
Added new items into the Item Database.
Added a few more things into the Database (all related to camo/syringes.)
Added Coordinates to all new maps (except dungeon maps) for Frigostia Island 1
Added Triggers to all maps and connected maps on Frigostia Island 1.
Translated some Database Items(For Frigostia ).
Added new spells for the Pings (Frigostia island 1 monsters).
Added New Npc Swf/server wise.
Added A few new items in the Server SWF and database.
Added Multiple Monster Group groups around the island ( 60+ )
Created a command to teleport to the Frigostia Island ( Requires level 190+ to be used.)
Soft oak drops Are lowered back to 0.2
Moowolf drops Are lowered back to 0.2
Ancestral drops Are lowered back to 0.2
Dreggon drops Are lowered back to 0.2
Ougah drops Are lowered back to 0.2
Mopy king drops Are lowered back to 0.2
Bworker drops Are lowered back to 0.2
Added Royal pingwin key drops to the monsters around Frigostia.
Raised the HP of the ping family.
Level cap has been raised to level 210.
Fixed up the .frigostia command ( would now fully work as intended).
Added a new exp rate, for level 200 to 210, the exp rate would now be on 0.5% of the normal exp. ( Make it harder to max out! ).
Fixed up the Npc that teleports you into the Ping dungeon.
Fixed the Endfights so you move to the next room in the dungeon.
Added a few more commands for certain staff ranks.
Removed Items from the Item Shop.
Added new items to the Item Shop.
Changed some prices of items in the Item Shop.
Added New Camo items into the server/client.(needs more work for it to fully work so wont be included into the live server.)



What are syringes?
Good question!

Syringes, are basically a potion type item, If you use it you get a spell from a different class for the next 7 days!
You are a Cra, but don't want to run with an enu.
With the " Syringe - Living chest " You would have that spell for the next 7 days on your Cra!

A Syringe lasts 7 days, but it checks for the expiration AFTER a battle. So if you still own the spell after 7 days, its possible, but it will only last 1 battle.
You can, unlearn it if you don't want it anymore at fairy reset, to get a different one. (do note, this clears the remaining time completely)




Ecaflip's "Reflex" is now an agility damage skill, and applies erosion.
Ecaflip's "All or Nothing" now does damage in luck.
Ecaflip's "Felintion" now does damage in chance
Sacrier's all "punishments" are now 300 on lvl6, (350 on crit)
Sacrier's vitality stat, now gives 3:1 vitality
Xelors Hand spell should now be in Chance ( Spell info ).
Eni's Wounding word spell should now be in Chance ( Spell info ).
Battle pass: Stats are all now correct ( on the dofuses ). ( next update the +10 range will be fixed to +1 )
Frigost Monsters got their EXP increased.
Ornaments menu is now available!
You can now buy and set ornaments from the new menu, find it on your banner.

Kamas/Point exchange has been removed.
Several internal files have been modified, restart your launchers, and don't forget to clear your cache!
We now have a rideable Wobot and Moowolf mount "Moont".
The wobot gives +5% max hp per turn and +1000 Vitality.
The Moont gives +5 dmg per hit taken and +1000 Vitality.
Code cleanup, Making it more clear for me to see what is going on etc.
A few more translations have been done.
( PS these 2 small things wont be visible ingame, except for the translations.
Firefouxes (and their ghost variants) Should no longer cause lag spikes with "Reinforcement".
Osamodas lvl 5 skill now shows their stats properly.
Iops wrath syringe now properly buffs itself.
.window no longer gives +40 summons.
Removed the old discord bot code from the gameserver.
Recreated a from scratch discord bot code. ( not visible ingame/or on discord yet. This takes a bunch of time to finish.)
Fixed the Discord join link.
Fixed a few typos here and there. Some translations.
A bunch of code cleanup while working on the discord code.
2 new mounts added. Greedover and CrotchParak.


Edited by Funky Emulation
Core X - External 2 Internal
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