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Windows SubSystem for Linux GUI

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I spent a couple of hours for trying all the microsoft soft, but now it's better. I will teach you how I launched a graphical desktop with WSL 1.

Unlike many linux distribution, WSL 1 is not distributed with systemd ... for many users , systemd still very important for launching services or "daemon"

For example : nginx daemon  = # systemctl start nginx or service start nginx if you prefer.


Q: How can I launch daemon if I can't use systemd ?

A: This is fine ! 

Command launch is as follow: 

sudo nginx # the process has started as background process


Now, how we put a graphical user interface ? this is simple as f***


Install the WSL as follow https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/install-manual but run WSL 1 and not WSL 2, there are more complexities with WSL2 (systemd issues because yes, you can install systemd in WSL 2)

From WSL 1 to WSL2 : PS >> wsl --set-default-version 1
From wsl kernel 2 in wsl kernel 1 >> wsl --set-version [distroname] 1 # It can take a couple of minutes depending of your computer

Now , its time to install https://sourceforge.net/projects/vcxsrv/ , once it's done , launch and select one large window > next > start no client > tick all > next > finish

We have a blackscreen but it's fine. 

launch powershell and type wsl. It's starting > if you are connected as user >> nano(or vim) .bashrc > at the end of the configuration file add : export DISPLAY=:0 >> save and done

Now , install xfce4 , with sudo apt install xfce4 , once it's done terminate your wsl session and restart the instance.

Type xfce4-session and you are done 

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