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Avenor2 - Ditto's Rebirth - International - Serverstart 8th January 2021


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For a more optimized view, use: our website presentation


!IMPORTANT! Avenor2 looking for Trial Game Masters to support EN,DE,TR,FR or PL language!
If you are interested you can apply here: apply for avenor2 team



Event Invite Discord



Dear community, between December 26th and January 6th there will be an event called „Invite Discord” to help us grow the Discord server, but help you at the same time who are able to invite your friends to play.
What you need to do:

- You will need to create your own invitation on our Discord server.
- You will need to send the invitation you have created to your friends.
- The invitations are monitored, so there is no way to cheat the system.
Q: How do I create an invitation?
A: As an example, you can right click on - giveaways and here you can choose the "invite" option (P.S: Don't forget to set the duration of the invitation to "unlimited")
- 1st place : 10€ PayPal or a Nitro(Discord) gift from us + 750 Dragon Coins (75 euro).
- 2nd place : 5€ PayPal + 700 Dragon Coins (50 euro).
- 3rd place : 250 Dragon Coins (25 euro).
- 4th place to 10: 100 Dragon Coins (10 euro).
How we'll check the positioning:
- We have logs and we can see the first 3 people who have invited the most members to our server.
- The same goes with the places from 4 to 10.
Q: How many members do I need to invite at least to get the 1st to 3rd place prizes?
A: Minimum 50.
Q: How does a person count?
A: People will only count if they are invited and will remain on the discord server.
Q: When will the winners be chosen?
A: At the end of event (06 January 2021).




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