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Mondial2 Remastered - New School International Private Server Open 27/11/2020

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Maintenance 1/12/2020

We welcome the new Community Manager of the server [CM]Mercury.
He will be supervising the server while I am away.

-As we promised, we are trying to give you the most cheating free experience. 
With this patch a new anticheat system was added along with the other slight updates requested by you.
-Updated Drops of the Bosses. More variety of items in the bosses from lvl 127.
-The drop of the items for craft stones has been increased.
-Now all dungeons take you directly to BOSS.
-Better drop percentage to Metins 250.
-Use Mondial Patcher with all clients closed!

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      Mondial2 Remastered - New School International Private Server Open 27/11/2020

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