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Local Pserver with EN files



File version / Emulator type  :

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Your level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, etc.) : Beginner.


Description of the problem : Hello, i would like to create a pserver with EN files.

How to reproduce the problem? :

Research and tests carried out :


Several months ago i have created a pserver, using this guide. Now i want to create a pserver, using the same guide, but if i remember correct the files are in French. How to create a server with ENG files ?? It would be more easy for me to try things.



Screenshot of the problem concerned :


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You just have to find English files to work with, the guide remains the same.

I don't think we have English files on the forum to be honest, so you might want to look in other places, if i remember correctly there are some on Metin2Dev.

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