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Hello Folks.


I decided that it was a good idea to publish the tool used to pack your "protos" from your server to your client. Without further ado, here is a quick explanation of what this tool is and how to use it.


This tool is used to pack two files from your server into a single file readable by your client. I won't go in depths but that's basically working like "lzo(crypt(file))".

Those files are usually to find in "usr/metin2/db/" if you didn't change anything and are the following:

  • item_proto (where all the data related to your items are located, basically item stats, price, flags and so on)
  • item_names (simply id[tab]name used to name the items in item_proto)
    • once merged & packed with the tool, the name is simply item_proto
  • mob_proto (same than item_proto but... for mobs)
  • mob_names (you got this one right ain't you?)
    • once merged & packed with the tool, the name is simply mob_proto


You need to pack those file if you want the right name or item to be displayed on your client if you change anything serverside. To use the tool, simply put the tool in a folder with the .txt files found above, click on the tool and magic will happen and give you those two files that you will need to place in the pack locale_xx.


This tool contains additional features for the wolfman & the sash system.






"BLEEDING" (Immune)











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Dump Proto : Click me



Have a nice day!

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