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Problem with item name



File Version / Emulator Type  : client2014 en / FreeBsd

Domain (Database, Client, Core ...) :

Your level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced ..) : beginner


Description of the problem : The name of an item which changes to what i want.

How to reproduce the problem? :

Searches and tests carried out :


  1. I change the description of the item via "itemdesc.txt" located in "pack / locale_fr / locale / fr" to this -->  https://gyazo.com/9b43ce3242ba3703a05b49b825402b12
  2. I change the name of the item via "item_name.txt" located in "usr / metin2 / db" to this -->  https://gyazo.com/81f107ba709cd75362d38ee9e37f0ddc
  3. Repack, and the result is this ->  https://gyazo.com/ed3777061c287ff1aee618ffd9e82144


Why the name of the item stays as before ?? Is there anything else i should do ??


Screenshot of the problem concerned :


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When you make a change on the server item_proto.txt or item_names.txt, you have to use a small program named dump_proto to create a client-compatible item_proto, and then replace the client one.


If you use the basic 2014 files, you should be able to use this one:


Sorry for the french tutorial, i'll get it translated ASAP.







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I manage to find solution thanks to these tutorials. 


  1. I change the names i wish into "item_proto" or "mob_proto" located in "usr/metin2/db".
  2. I move the file in the folder where "dump_proto.exe" is and i run the .exe
  3. I replace the file that "dump_proto.exe" generates with the file located in "pack / locale_fr / locale / fr"
  4. Repack with Eternexus the folder "locale_fr" and run the "client.exe"


Thanks a lot !!

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