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BobbaRP Emulator v2 - CMS, SWFS, DB


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Je vous propose un partage qui vient de Ragezone, ça peut toujours servir


Credits :


  • OvB
  • PlusEmulator devs
  • Constance




  • Economy system
  • Work system
  • Rank system
  • Weed system
  • Guns system (and taser for police with sound)
  • Cars with radio (and sound) and hoverboards
  • Casino (with sound for the slot machine)
  • Quizz system (need define a :response <response> before :question <question>)
  • Purge (with sound), salade (last survivor)
  • Mobile phone (with sound for SMS and dial system)
  • Flappy Bird, Bank and more applications on the phone
  • Basket shopping
  • Hairstyle room
  • Trade items
  • Transaction system
  • EuroRP (like EuroMillions)
  • Forums
  • Buy looks
  • GPS
  • Capturing zone
  • Locker system
  • Foutain credits system (in the city center but the furni is not disponible, put it)


and more RP basic features...

CMS screens :


Client screens :


Configuration :





  • includes/config.php
  • app/class/conn.php
  • client.php (edit your IP, search 51.)
  • assets/js/websockets/app.main.js (edit your IP, search 51.)



  • bin/debug/config.ini



Other informations :



Users cant take the last name ADMIN, MOD and ARCHITECTE.

In the open source emulator, search ADMIN-OvB, ADMIN-Yazinlo, and Asers-AMG and replace  by your username.


Lien téléchargement : mediafire






Liste des téléchargements possible pour ce tutoriel / partage...


Package : Télécharger




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