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Keyboard Layout From AZERTY to QWERTY



File Version / Emulator Type : VirtualBox FreeBSD

Domain (Database, Client, Core ...) :

Your level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced ..) : Beginner af


Description of the problem : The problem is the keyboard layout of freeBSD is AZERTY but i want QWERTY.

How to reproduce the problem? : If you type it will type ,cncc:co,

Searches and tests carried out : I find out this post, but dont know how to do that.


Screenshot of the problem concerned :


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Which files do you use?


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  • Utilisateur SSH ( WinSCP ) : root
  • Mot de passe SSH ( WinSCP ) : dev


  • Utilisateur MySQL ( Navicat ) root
  • Mot de passe MySQL ( Navicat )dev


login and password for this file (it's not


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I follow these guides and I have login succesfully with this login and password. The problem is that this azerty makes things more difficult for me as I see that further typing needs for the next steps and I would like to change it to qwerty.



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