Ancestra Remake (rev 47)

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As megaupload closed his doors and as all the links for Ancestra Remake rev 47 were there, I decided to share again this revision of the emulator created by DeathDown. Without delay here are the links :




I. Changelog


- Constants : Correction of the handyman profession.

- Personnage/SocketManager : Correction of the display when we equip a dragoturkey at the beginning of a fight.
- Fight : Correction of the formula InitOrdreJeu() (THX Tenkai).

- Commands : Correction of the BAN command (Kick of the player).

- GameThread : Correction of the perceptor harvest.
- Percepteur : Correction of the message when the perceptor is harvested.
- Personnage : Correction of the function set_Alive() (THX Conceptor).

- GameThread : Correction of the name of perceptors (THX Mynymoys).
- Commands/SQLManager/World/Fight/Personnage : ExpLevels Max. and Min. directly from the DB (THX Tpxp).


II. Downloads


List of the available downloads for this sharing...


Ancestra Remake rev47 : Download

Sources : Download

Database : Download


Repository : Ancestra Remake


III. Sources

Original thread author : Mehd-Il

Translation : nicosti


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