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So, I'm not saying I'll resume the development of the emulator, based Ancestra Remake rev47, but simply that I'll sometimes make changes, whenever I want to or want to spend time. So, there, I spent about 10 minutes on the code of the last version of the emulator. I do not bring grand or fabulous things which is something at least.


As you'll see, these are mostly corrections for fights and AI. I remind that I did not spend more than an hour on the code. I also think that what I've done doesn't justify going from version 4 to version 5, hence the 4.5. Then, unlike numerous forums, given the "Learn and Share" operation taking place, I share the sources of this revision, but provided that I do not see it on any other forum. Normally, sources are intacts (normally, ...).





Moderation note : Archives of the emulator has been redone to incorporate the database but more importantly the configuration file, the launcher and the changelog that were missing.


I. Changelog


REV --- 4.5 ---


- Important review of the AI. Monsters play correctly.
- Review the effects formulas of various spells and of
- Correction of the flood of the emulator during the inscrease of 2.0 stats
- Review summons and their AI
- Various alterations at code/stability level


REV --- 4 ---


- Nearly all bugs fixed !
  Thanks to DeathDown, Gostron, Blackrush, iamnothing and Mathias52 for their contribution / help

- Stable summons, hit and play better or worse (and average)
- Stable system of characteristics increase (warning, when you have less than 100 points to put, be sure to put 0 before -> Example 001, not 1, or you'll be disconnected)
- Adding .vie, .infos, .start, .parcho commands; If you want to edit, send me a message for sources...
- The livitinems work well
- Adding gitfs at connection (Thanks Tapa')


REV --- 3 ---


- Correction of end of fight / surrender errors
- Correction of AP / level bug
- Adding a sentence when a character reach level 300
- Adding .uptime, .help (customizable in the configuration) and .vote (URL defined in the configuration) commands
- For the characteristics increase system like Dofus 2.0, warning, if you try to put more points than you possess, you'll be disconnected !


REV --- 2.5 ---


- Correction of the global XP, groups, guilds, ... That being said there still can be an error or two...
- Adding RELOAD command, that allows to reload database and configuration file without restarting the server (Thanks Keillin)
- The first PERCOS (5% on that xD)


REV --- 2 ---


- Adding a functional advertise system with time limits, colors and customisation (based on automatic savings)
- Correction of the PVP kamas drop formula, by adding fields in the configuration to establish minimum and maximum kamas earned in fight
- Re-Adding RELOAD_MONSTER to set the time left for the monster
- Adding DEBUGTURNS command that alternates the turn of the player in fight (testing required)
- Adding a command that modifies the ENDTURNS of turns for eveyone (monsters understand the test)
- Some fight timers have been fixed


REV --- 1 (Gostron & Skillet) ---


- Functional merchant mode (AR47)
- Functional markets (AR47)
- Functional perceptors (AR47 et Gostron)
- Integration (100%) of all challenges (the 46 challenges, their conditions to appear, the target monster, the incoherent or impossible challenges against bosses)
- Integration of correct drops, security and animations
- Adding a small decade of trivial SpellEffects
- Adding star system (100%)
- Adding a timer to avoid global time errors in fights (Thanks Sadidom)
- Adding the line-of-sight notion for monsters (testing required, the algorithm is personal as well as the code, so nothing guarantees it)
- Correction of the destination of Fear (there is still an error that will be fixed soon)
- Correction of thrust spells : monsters stop in traps and move before dying
- Adding chameleon dragoturkeys
- Adding livitinems
- Experience by adding the challenge (on or off by configuration)


II. Downloads


List of the available downloads for this sharing...


Ancestra-G v4.5 : Download

Sources Download ou Download


Ancestra-G v4.0 : Download


III. Sources

Website : (source for v4 and the related changelog, translated at best by the moderators)

Original thread author : venom

Translation : nicosti


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