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(SUITE SUPP CAT INT) (en attente verif asikoo) CrisisEmu (v2.0)

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As I can't stand working on CyonEmu anymore, I decided to stop that reprise. Instead, I, with Défense, took back the development of the emulator of our last server : CrisisEmu, based sur GravityEmu.

With a lot less bugs (2/3 small remaining), it will regroup some of the features of Cyon : Quests, fullmorphs and a few fixes.

Otherwise, trade NPCs are already implemented and can craft all the items from the craft table.

For those who are sceptical, I prepared some screens.

Quests : I specify that it is normal that the rewards aren't matching those listed by the quest, I put anything in the db.


Quests have been quickly developed and thus are of course not 100% identical to official and it is likely that you'll find bugs with them. Thanks to report those bugs to help us fixing them as soon as possible.


Any problem with the emulator finds his answers in the Help & Support section.

Important : The emulator hashes the passwords in sha-512 : you therefore need to set the type of the column pass to text and hash in sha-512 with your website (function php hash())


I. Screens




II. Changelog


- Dragoturkeys (inventory, chameleon, food)

- Ability to add a quantity in the shop

- Livitinems (complete 100% without problems)

- Merchant mode (no duplication bug...)

- Markets

- Breads, potions, candies, scrolls...

- Weddings

- NPCs conditions

- Looped assault prevention

- 3 commands (infos, fmcac, save)

- The AI is corrected (no disconnection in fight nor skipping problempassement and monsters play well)

- Zaaps

- Zaapis

- Correct drops

- Fireworks (fairies)

- Nearly all spells work correctly (except for some class spells)

- A few commands added like reloadaction/config...

- Thrust damage fixed

- Various fight bugs fixed

- Password are hashed in SHA-512

- 12AP/6MP limit

- Multiple Im packets added

- Kamas fault fixed

- Dragoturkey inventory pods fixed


- Quests added (100% functionnal)

- Tormentators with morped spells

- Complete debug of the inventory of the dragoturkeys (close/reopen was need to see added items)

- Complete debug of the merchant mode

- Implementation of trading NPCs (100%)

- Candies fixed (100%)

- Multiples spells that were not debuffable fixed (Invisibility for example that would last until the end, ...)

- Spectators chat fixed : Messages don't go in the general channel anymore but in the one reserved to spectators (\t)


- Removal of the fmcac command

- Correction of the setfullmorph bug (spell level) (THX Locos for reporting it).

- Account per ip limitation (NB_COMPTE_PLAYER)


Correction of diverse guild problems :

- The panel doesn't open if we don't have a guildalogem

- When the leader of the guild leaves the guild, he is not disconnected anymore.

- Pods refresh with the function removeByTemplateID() fixed

- Dragoturkeys food fixed : if we gave fish or meat, the food skin would take the place of the saddle


- The spell punch is added in the spell table with patch coup_de_poing.sql

- Major bug regarding professions that would kill interactive objects fixed (harvesting and move resulting in no harvest and the resource would be not harvestable after regrowing)

- Wings display fixed (dark/bright/torn)


- Candies added (ActionID -10)

- A nullPointer with guids is now handled

- If USE_CUSTOM_MAP_START = false, every character starts at his class statue in Incarnam (except for osamodas, we don't have the map). You'll be placed on a walkable cell

- Commands ban/kick/banip/mute redone : for the kick/ban/banip commands it is possible to specify the reason : kick XXX Stop insults or you'll get banned next time. The timer for mute works properly and the player is not kicked anymore if he tries to talk.

- When a player buys a house and enters, he will automatically go down his mount and a Im packet will be sent to him

- Various spells are debuffable (mainly the spells of the osamodas)

- Defenders of resources added (THX AR) (Add the resources in the drops!)

- Correct experience for hunts added (cf forum offi)

- Not allowed to learn a new profession until the previous is at least level 30

- It is not possible to start a hunt if the character is under level 50


- Major professions bug fixed : it was not possible to learn one !

- GM: MP, RELOADCONFIG, REFRESHMOBS, ALL (removal of announce/nameannounce commands), ALLCADEAU, CADEAU, RELOADACTION (shop) commands added

- Change of the TITLE command that now works like this : TITLE n° name titleName

- Major fight bug fixed

- Major bug on sacriers fixed

- Multiple spells / spellEffect fixed

- Fight fault fixed

- Drops redone

- Inactivity detection redone

- Energy (100%)


- DB : Numerous spells fixed (THX Tituc patch not provided)

- DB : Lifepoints of summons fixed (patch not provided)

- Perceptors (100%)

- If we die in Incarnam and we didn't save a zaap, we come back to the class statue


- GA packets fixed (THX Aesir)

- Official osamodas class statue map added (THX Aesir)

- Trunks fixed (we finally found it Aesir hehe!) (modify walkable to 0 in the Interactive_objet_data table whenever it is a trunk)

- All the characters start at their class statue in Incarnam (apply patch map_osa_incarnoob_originale.sql or creating an osamodas will be impossible)

- DB : official maps added : pandawa temples, osamodas temple


- It is not possible to specify a starting map, all characters start at their class statue in Incarnam

- Removal of a few useless variables

- Removal of useless commands


- Im packet related to death added

- FullMorph => 100% no more spells loss

- Trading NPCs are configurable : column 'exchange' (1 = yes / 0 = no) and 'npc_exchange' (NPC ID) added (apply patch "crafts.sql", official table with added columns)

- Game action 151 added.

- Emulator's config.txt redone (take the one from the pack)



III. Downloads


List of the available downloads for this sharing...


CrisisEmu : Download or Download


Sources not included


III. Sources

Original thread author : Nicky31

Translation : nicosti


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