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(SUITE SUPP CAT INT) (en attente verif asikoo) Ancestra Remake (rev54)

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I'm sharing here the last revision (it seems to me) of probably the most known and complete emulator : Ancestra Remake by DeathDown


That emulator is in no way my creation, but the one of Deathdown.

Please use the Help & Support question for any question related to this emulator.


I. Changelog



A. Realm Changelog



- SQLManager : Automatic reconnection of the Realm to the DB after a connection lost.



- [...] : Fix connection bugs due to gifts [DeeZ].



- Account : Add gifts to the character selection [DeeZ].



/Realm v0.3\

- SocketManager : Fix logs.

- SQLManager/Account/Ancestra/RealmThread/Realm_Config : Add the first part of the subsciption system.



/Realm v0.2\

- [...] : Fix logs.

- RealmThread : Server closure leads to kicking clients.

- [...] : Delete codes useless to the Realm.



- [...] : Add multi-server.

B. Game Changelog



- SQLManger/GameThread : Fix gifts.



- GameThread : Add Incarnam channel (/i).

- Fight : Fix the drop of items/kamas from the trunk of the enutrofs.



- SpellEffect : Fix applyEffect_77 (MP steal).

- SpellEffect : Dying during one's turn of play automatically skip the turn.



- Fight/Challenges : Fix a NullPointerException occurring on fight surrender.



- IA : Add animated bag AI.

- IA : Add the influance of the animated bag to cast Sacrifice.

- IA : Add the influence of the tree of life.

- SocketManager/Fight : On a critical failure, one's do not have to skip turn anymore.

- Fight : When a fighter dies and that he buffed other fighters, those buffs are withdrawn.

- Personnage : We can now see the color of the wings according to the player's level.

- Personnage : We can now see the wings with holes because of the dishonor points.



- Fight : Fix the calculation of the prospecting for challenges.

- Fight : Fix the drops.



- GameThread : Fix the closure of the group invitation if the invited says No.



- GameThread : It is not possible anymore to enter an already started fight (THX xixou).



- Objet/Pets/PetsEntry : Simplify code, fix various problems.

- Personnage/Fight/Carte : The character does not automatically trigger a fight if he appears on a cell occupied by a monster group (decreasing bugs).

- Metier/Objet : Simplify smightmagic's code.



- SocketManager/Action/SQL : Add Incarnam to Astrub cinematic (AncestraR_Game - Patch rev12 - Cinématique IA)



- Fight/PetsEntry/Pets/GameThread : Add devourers of souls pets [DeeZ].



- [...] : Fix connection bugs due to gifts [DeeZ].



- Fight/Personnage/Formulas : Add heals debuff [DeeZ].



- ConditionParser : Add the PJ condition.

- Compte : Disconnection leads to the closure of invitations to trade/to craft panels.

- World/Personnage/Action/GameThread/Carte/Constants : Add the book of craftsmen (AncestraR_Game - Patch rev9 - Rune Artisans).

- Constants : Fix isMageJob function.

- Pathfinding/Carte/World/GameServer : Add monsters/perceptors movements.

- Gift/GameThread/SQLManager/World/Compte... : Add gifts to the character selection (AncestraR_Game - Patch rev11 - Gift) [DeeZ].

- BDD : AncestraR_Game - Patch rev10 - Bonbons [DeeZ].

- Constants : Fix STATS_ADD_DOMA constant [DeeZ].

- SpellEffect : Fix applyEffect_149 [DeeZ].



- Constants : Fix anvils for the following professions : bow/stick/wand carver and sword smith.



- Fight : The dead of the perceptor leads to the defeat of the team.

- Commands : Add SENDME command that allows to send a packet to yourself.

- Personnage : The accounts that are not subscibed can not use their mounts anymore.



- SocketManager/Personnage/Compte/GameThread : Add the subscription system :

Impossibility to equip pets.

Teleportation to the statue of class (at the connection) if we are in a subscriber-only zone while being unsubscribed.

Add messages and padlock when leaving the restricted are while being unsubscibed.


Impossibility to assault a perceptor.

Impossibility to assault players.

Impossibility to join an assault, a perceptor fight or a PVP.

Impossibility to trigger a PvM outside the restricted area.

No access to merchant mode nor the main markets.



- Fight : The interdiction of spectators expells all spectators of the fight.



- Fight/Challenge/Formulas... : Challenges are now finished [DeeZ].

- Fight : When a spectator joins a fight with challenges, he can see them [DeeZ].



- Personnage : When we connect and our energy is below 2000, a message is displayed [DeeZ].

- Challenge/Fight/SocketManager... : Add challenges partially [DeeZ].



- Personnage/GameThread/SocketManager/Fight : Continuation of energy, teleportation to nearest cemetary missing [DeeZ].

- World/BDD : Begin delimitation between subscriber and non-subscriber areas (Patch : AncestraR_Game - patch rev7 - Abonnement).



- Personnage : When we are wearing the 'Vampyre' set, we have the aura.

- Familier/Action/PetsEntry : Add Hippi-Ho for pets (Patch : AncestraR_Game - Patch rev6 - EPO).



- Fight : Add punch (Patch : AncestraR_Game - Patch rev5 - Punch).

- Fight : The stars of the monster group are now displayed in the fight result panel [DeeZ]

- Formulas/Fight : Add a bonus formula for the stars of the monster groups.

- Monstre : Fix various group display bugs.

- Monstre/Formulas/Fight : Add stars system [DeeZ].

- Fight/SocketManager : Fix messages for the assault of perceptors [DeeZ].

- Formulas : Add lost of non-healable lifepoints (10% of lifepoints took in damage are lost).



- Object/World/Pets/PetsEntry/GameThread : End of pets (type 2 and 3) (feed/boost stats/death/powder of eniripsa).

- Commands : Add RES command to resurrect a pet.

- SQLManager : Fix persoExist function.

- World : Fix characters removal.

- Personnage : Add the starting cinematic [DeeZ].

- Personnage/Fight/Commands : Add the Im packets for the functions addHonor and remHonor [DeeZ].

- World/Guild/GameThread : Add 'Talk' choice to perceptors [DeeZ].

- GameThread : When we eat bread or drink beer the animation is triggered [DeeZ].

- GameThread/Personnage/SocketManager : Add the tax of the merchant mode [DeeZ].



- Action : Fix the bank (doesn't steel 566kamas anymore) (Patch : AncestraR_Game - Patch rev4) [DeeZ].

It is possible to open the bank if we don't have kamas anymore, but there is enough in the bank.

- Fight : Fix GetGE function.

- Percepteur/Fight : Add clearDefenseFight() function that allows to move out of the defender list if the perceptor's team win the fight.



- GameServer/Game_Config.txt : Simplifiy of the various timers (all timers available in the config are set in minutes).



- Fight : We now win the perceptor's harvest (items and kamas) if we defeat him in fight [DeeZ].

- Métier/Objet : Simplify smightmagic's code.

- IA : Fix a percptor bug (he doesn't skip turn) (simplificy code).



- Fight : Fix a bug related to HtH [DeeZ].

- GameThread : Add "Free the mount" action [DeeZ].

- Metier/Constants : Add defenders of ressources (Patch : AncestraR_Game - Patch rev3 - Defenders of resources) [DeeZ].

- Object/World/Pets/PetsEntry/GameThread : Beginning of pets (Patch : AncestraR_Game - Patch rev2 - Pets).

- BDD : Add a forgotten column in the DB (Patch AncestraR_Game - Patch rev1).



- Fight : The critical failure does not make the spell unusable for the time between two casts anymore.

- Commande : Add some information to the mapinfo command.

- GameThread : Update of pods on a market purchase.

- GameThread : Add average price to the markets.



- Commands : Add FullHDV command.

- Carte/Percepteur/GameThread/Fight :

The count of fight spots on a map is know known, which allows a better management of perceptor fights.

The defense of perceptors is now more official-like (time before the defenders appears).

- Personnage/GameThread : It is not possible to stay in trade with a perceptor more than 2 minutes anymore.

- IA : Fix various errors linked to cellIDs in border of the map (the monster does not skip turn) (moveFarIfPossible, testCotes).



- ComThread/ComServer : The crash of the Realm does not crash the Game anymore (auto-reconnection).

- Percepteur/Carte/Fight : Simplify display of perceptors in fights (guild panel).



Ancestra-R Game v0.6.0

Ancestra-R realm v0.1


II. Downloads


List of the available downloads for this sharing...


Ancestra Remake rev54 Download or Download

Sources : Download


Project's repository : Ancestra Remake


III. Sources

Original thread author : Nicky31

Translation : nicosti


090100logo.png 090149logo-4-bis.png

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