How to implant the switch bot

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Hello everybody

Here is a tutorial about : how implating a switch  bot , shared by ElitePVPers

Here is the beast :) DAMN







Download this:!ZYEwxBSR!Md4sM_8qbcoXqZEPD7UjyxVS4hYeuoSC4fJE8y1NZUI


Take the version of the bot which interesting you. If you don’t have any idea on which to choose;  I advise you to chose the 2.3



Open your


After this line

from _weakref import proxy


from switchbot import Bot


Search that :

from _weakref import proxy

Add after this line

[TAB][TAB]self.switchbot = Bot()


Search this line:

onClickKeyDict[app.DIK_LSHIFT] = lambda: self.__SetQuickSlotMode()


Add after  this line

[TAB][TAB]onPressKeyDict[app.DIK_F6]= lambda : self.__toggleSwitchbot()


At the end of the folder ( add:

[TAB]def __toggleSwitchbot(self):

[TAB][TAB]if self.switchbot.bot_shown == 1:







Warning :


Replace each [TAB] by one  tabulation


This tutorial is now finished. Your switchbot will appear vwhen you will press on the key   F6.






Translated by me : Jeannot (the best)

Edited by Rweys
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