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news Funky is recruiting!

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Hello everyone !


Following the new version of Funky-Emulation, the team decided to recruit !


Which positions are available?


- Moderators (from the section of your choice except Metin2 & Dofus)

- Specialists (from the section of your choice except RaiderZ & Metin2

- Corrector

- Translators


What are the tasks to accomplish under his grade?



The moderators are there to make sure that the forum stays clean and that the members respect the rules. They have the rights to modify or delete a subject in case of non-compliance of rules. They can also warn or ban a member if it should. If you have any doubt about where to post your topic, ask a moderator, he will tell you the right section.



The specialists are recruited to develop, animate and clean a section. They were chosen according to their skills but also their investment. They have the rights to move subjects and possibly correct them. They will be there to help you and can help you complete your tutorials or sharing.



The correctors are here to correct the topics, if a tutorial is poorly presented or has many mistakes, they will be there to correct it! Do not hesitate to contact them if you need a little english lesson.



Translators are there to translate your tutorials and your sharing and your messages in a foreign language and conversely, they can help you to understand your foreign friends by translating their messages in French (useful for AQS)


What are the admission criteria?


- Be autonomous, mature and impartial.

- Know the basic rules in French or in English, (Correct grammar and spelling required for correctors)

- Have a minimum of knowledge in a field (Ex : Dofus, Metin2, Infographie) (Only specialists).

- Be available at least 2 days in the week.

- Be available on Discord (For Staff meetings)

- Have an equivalent level of English at Level A2 (so have a good base) (Only translators)


Send your applications by private message to Mei or ASIKOO.

The team,

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