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(SUITE SUPP CAT INT) (en attente verif asikoo) Team FE - Install - Server Files 2014

Funky Emulation

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Required Level  : Beginner

Estimated Time : Between 15 & 30 minutes




Good evening everyone,


Today, I propose to install the files 2014, I decided to help some people with a tutorial a little more consistent.

That is to say, better explained, with all the steps. In short, let's go to the tutorial.


Required files :

- Files 2014Download - FE

- SQL 2014Download - FE

- Client 2014 Download - FE

- Server SourceDownload - FE

- Client SourceDownload - FE


Required Software :

- Putty

- WinSCPDownload


Before you start following this tutorial, please make sure you have followed these tutorials first !

They are crucial for the proper functioning of your files !


  • Create a Metin2 PServer : Here
  • Install a dedicated Metin2 server : Here



Alright now we are ready to start !


Step 1 : Introducing WinSCP



Open winscp for the first time : 




How does winscp work?


Host Name: In this case we need to add the ip address of our dedicated server.

- Port number: In this case, your port number will be : 22

- User name:  In this case, your username will be : root

Password:  (The password is obtained when purchasing the dedicate by email confirmation)

- Saved:  Here you can save your session to open it more quickly next time.


When your password is set, you need just the press Login!

Fantastic! We are now connected on WinSCP!

Step 2 : Installing the files



1. We are now connected to WinSCP, search the /usr folder

2. Now that we are in the /usr folder we will transfer your files: files 2014_teamfe.tar.gz to winscp!




3. Now let's move on putty, we will now extract the tar.gz archive

4. Let's use his two commands on putty !

cd /usr
tar xvf files2014_teamfe.tar.gz



If you have scrolling text, you have completed these steps successfully.

Now you have a new folder called metin2, this contains the files 2014.


Fantastic ! You have now completed the second step!


Step 3 : Setting up Navicat



Open navigat for the first time : 




How does navigat work?


- Connection Name: In this case, you need to enter your servername.

- Host Name/IP Address: In this case, you must write the IP address of your dedicated server

- Port:  In this case, your port number will be : 3306

User name: In this case, your username will be : root

- Password:  In this case, you need to enter the password you have set on the configuration of mysql


When your password is set, you just need to press OK!


Fantastic ! We are now connected on Navicat!


Step 4 : Create Database Table



Now we need to create 5 new databases.



- common

- hotbackup

- log

- player


Like this :



Once all your databases are set up, we're ready to import the SQL files!


Step 5 : Import Database Table



Now its time to import your database!


First step, you need to open the database, so double click on each one!

When the database is open, you gonna see this : 15233708ee26c07f2b7fcc7c174e236596c886.p


Right click → Execute SQL File → ... and choose your .sql with same of your database,


Example here, i have make for account :



You need to do this for all database : Reminder : account - common - hotbackup- log - player.


Fantastic! You have now completed the import step!


This file contains:

- Blazing Purgatory
- Snow Dungeon
- New client with a better cache
- Fix error (???????)
- Mob proto & item proto recent (06/2015)
- All the news of the official in 2014- (Alchemy DragonSoul, Costumes, Belts, Energy, Crafting, and more)
- Adding all quests from (ymir)
- Fix TimeBomb
- Fix Immune & stun 100%
- New MakeFile

Copyright: Funky-Emulation



If you have any problem with this topic, I invite you to create a help request in the support section.

This tutorial is based on the one from Calypso with some additions

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