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(SUITE SUPP CAT INT) (en attente verif asikoo) [C++] Anti Exp

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Today, I am going to share a system of blocking and unlocking experience.


Search this in : char.cpp

               if (gPlayerMaxLevel <= GetLevel())

Add under : 

               if (block_exp && amount > 0)

Save and close : char.cpp


Open and search this in : char.h

void         SetExp(DWORD exp)   { m_points.exp = exp;   }

Add under : 

      bool         block_exp;

Save and close : char.h


Open and search this in : questlua_pc.cpp

{ "give_award_socket",   pc_give_award_socket   },

Add under : 

         { "block_exp",         _block_exp },
         { "unblock_exp",      _unblock_exp },

Search in the same file : 

void RegisterPCFunctionTable()

Add under : 

   int _block_exp(lua_State* L)

      LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr();
      ch->block_exp = true;
      return 0;
   int _unblock_exp(lua_State* L)
      LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr();
      ch->block_exp = false;
      return 0;

Save and close : questlua_pc.cpp


Open and search this in : input_login.cpp

      if (g_bCheckClientVersion)

Replace like this : 

		if (g_bCheckClientVersion)
			ch->block_exp = false;
			int version = atoi(g_stClientVersion.c_str());
			int date = atoi(d->GetClientVersion());

Save and close : input_login.cpp


Open and search this in : guild.cpp

bool CGuild::OfferExp(LPCHARACTER ch, int amount)

Add under  :

if (ch->block_exp == true)
            return false;

Save and close : guild.cpp


Finally we can compile the game source !


In your folder quest in file : quest_function


Add : 


Quest : 

quest block_exp begin
    state start begin
        when login begin
            if pc.getqf("antiexp") == 1 then
                chat("Reminder: Check if your ring is blocking or unlocking.")
        when ITEMVNUM.use begin
            if pc.getqf("antiexp") == 0 then
                pc.setqf("antiexp", 1)
                chat("Experience blocking has been activated")
            elseif pc.getqf("antiexp") == 1 then
                pc.setqf("antiexp", 0)
                chat("The experience lock has been disabled.")


If you have any problem with this topic, I invite you to create a help request in the support section.

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