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Hi !


The mark was removed from the model and the texture was painted. Everything works correctly in the game the model does not fall into the ground. The package contains all the basic classes of the ninja warrior sura and the shaman, a woman and a man

Textures have been assigned correctly to the model








The package has been supplemented with icons and the missing model of the warrior


Download : HERE

Scan :  HERE 


I have many materials that I can customize as part of the order so if you are looking for something or need to invite private messages...








Liste des téléchargements possible pour ce tutoriel / partage...


Costumes : Download



If you would like to get rid of the logos from your models, I invite you to this topic: 



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Il y a 9 heures, #Spawn a dit :

Thansk for ur release, thats beautiful :0 

Thank you but you can re-download the package because I just noticed that there was no model of a warrior in it

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