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recherche terminée [Anglais/English] Looking for Server Host/VPS for PvE/PvP 1.29 server

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I've created a server based on iCore emulation.

As I am building my own studio in our basement I do not have money to afford simple hosting...


All I look for is a person with a VPS or willing to hire a VPS for a Dofus Server, if you're interested reply here with your Skype and I'll add you to show you around the server.


Server info:


- PvP/PvE combined.

- Kolizeum

- Revision 1.29

- iCore Base with a lot of fixes

- Normal boss mobs in bonta arena with .pvm/pvp commands etc.

- Team Arena

- Custom mobs/soon custom items/bosses as well

- Living items working

- Most houses working

- Shops

- Perceptors work 100%, attack properly as well

- CMS completely translated to English

- Server works in english fully as well


Looking forward to any responses <33333

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