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Hello! :D


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Votre prénom : Fellipe

Votre âge :19

Votre région : Brazil


Définissez-vous en quelques lignes (caractère, qualités, défauts) : Hello everybody, my name's Fellipe as you may have read, and I'm an extremely studious and curious person, always want to stay tuned to learn the news more and more. On the other hand am very shy person, but when it comes to internet guess I feel more free and open to talking to people.

Définissez vos activités, passions en quelques lignes : Love books and ebooks, tutorials, mmorpg (single genre of game that I like), I love foreign countries ... One of my hobbies is creating tutorials (anything) I always like to produce.


Quelles sont vos compétences actuelles : Photoshop, Illustrator, C#, MySQL, Oracle SQL, Delphi

Quel(s) est/sont votre/vos objectif(s) : Gain knowledge and share what I already own. I believe that is the characteristic of any forum, as well as having an always-on community to resolve issues and discuss on various topics.

Quelle(s) est/sont votre/vos motivations(s) :My motivation is my curiosity and sympathy when I want to help people.


Comment avez-vous connu Funky Emulation : Google when I was searching for Dofus and Metin2, games that I played recently.

Pourquoi voulez-vous devenir membre de cette communauté : To know more about setting up servers as the game mechanics work and also share my knowledge. I think this is a grand forum for it!


Une phrase pour la fin : I hope you enjoyed a brief about me, although I don't speak the native language of the forum, but I want to help a lot and learn a lot from you! Thanks so far :)




En postant ma présentation, j'affirme avoir lu et accepté le règlement du forum.

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