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Found 1 result

  1. Required Level : Beginner Estimated Time : Between 15 & 30 minutes Disclaimer : This guide is only a translation of the following tutorial made by Emulateur and then renewed by Calypso. The screenshots are still in French as for now and the tutorial may be aged but still works like charm. [.To be continued.] Hey there! You want to create a metin2 private server? You want to play with your friends? Create a community or create one just as a hobby? Then follow this guide! I will explain you how to create a private server! You will then be able to do whatever you want on it? Ain't it cool? Buuut... This tutorial will work only in localhost, implying that you will be the only one able to connect and play on it. It's some kind of a test server. Ready? Go! I. Downloads VirtualBox - HERE Navicat - HERE WinSCP - HERE The server (VDI file) - HERE The client- HERE II. Virtual Machine III. Start your server IV. Connection to the client ! V. Gain access to the files VI. Gain access to the database Success! You just created a local private server! VII. End of the Tutorial Now, everything is alright, you can connect to the database, browse your files and edit your client ! You can now modifiy everything as you want FAQ - Must Read for beginners - (Still in French ATM) : HERE If you need some help, don't hesitate and lead to Questions & Answer. The community will be there to help you. Good luck!