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  1. Bonjour, Déjà, pourquoi veux-tu faire ça ? Si tu n'as pas les systèmes derrière, c'est inutile. Autrement, compare les colonnes, regarde lesquelles manquent puis dans common/ et db/, rajoute les. Rajouter des colonnes reste assez simple, surtout qu'il s'agit juste de les déclarer. Après, fais-en de même avec les nouveaux types d'item, de monstres ou d'effets. C'est plutôt rapide, mais je te conseille juste d'adapter les protos de l'officiel à ton serveur en... supprimant des colonnes.
  2. Bonjour, Le tutoriel, tel qu'il est, n'est que partiellement fonctionnel. En effet, si l'objet possède un bonus ou si l'objet est une orbe de polymorphie, alors l'ID ne s'affichera pas. Pour l'afficher, il suffit de placer la condition tout en haut de la fonction, juste au dessus du "if localeInfo.IsCanada()" !
  3. Excellent partage ! Si des gens veulent terminer les traduction et poster ici, ça serait une belle initiative ! Merci à toi
  4. Info. This is a translation of this topic, where you could find credits and original post as well as download links. Hello Folks. I decided that it was a good idea to publish the tool used to pack your "protos" from your server to your client. Without further ado, here is a quick explanation of what this tool is and how to use it. This tool is used to pack two files from your server into a single file readable by your client. I won't go in depths but that's basically working like "lzo(crypt(file))". Those files are usually to find in "usr/metin2/db/" if you didn't change anything and are the following: item_proto (where all the data related to your items are located, basically item stats, price, flags and so on) item_names (simply id[tab]name used to name the items in item_proto) once merged & packed with the tool, the name is simply item_proto mob_proto (same than item_proto but... for mobs) mob_names (you got this one right ain't you?) once merged & packed with the tool, the name is simply mob_proto You need to pack those file if you want the right name or item to be displayed on your client if you change anything serverside. To use the tool, simply put the tool in a folder with the .txt files found above, click on the tool and magic will happen and give you those two files that you will need to place in the pack locale_xx. This tool contains additional features for the wolfman & the sash system. Download Have a nice day!
  5. Hello? For any further issues, open a post in Q&A section. This error seems to be a firewall error, the port is somehow blocked, try disabling your firewall / anti-virus software. Have a nice day
  6. Solved - The topic is solved and hence moved to the sub-forum: Résolu ou sans réponse...
  7. Hello! 1) If you shutdown it, you need to run the command "sh close.sh" then "sh start.sh" in the shell to restart your server. 2) You save the file item_names. Then if you want them to appear clientside, you need to use the tool "dump_proto". The tutorial is there in french, I will translate it soon. But serverfiles and client in english also exists. 3) You go to the database account, table account and fill the blanks (not all of them). For the password, it need to be hashed in MySQL5, in uppercase with an asterisk before (*) Have a nice day
  8. Hey, with pleasure! You probably changed the default password which is "mcncc.com". Otherwise you can change it by command as you pointed out. You need to type this in your shell: mysql -u root -p (and connect to MySQL) then type the following command: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'USER'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD'; flush privileges; Have a nice day
  9. Hello! This is actually pretty weird that you got blocked but now we have another problem. Don't hesitate to ask again if you get blocked, it should not happen because the tutorial is pretty straight-forward and you should not end up like that. First things first, you need to connect to MySQL from your Virtual Machine, just type the following command in the shell (hard part: you need to know your login informations): mysqladmin -u root -ppassword flush-hosts It should get the job done and reset the thing. Also if you are working on a local machine (I STRONGLY advise you not to do it on a live server) you can increase the number of failures allowed before locking you out by editing the "my.cnf" file located somewhere on your machine (grep the file, because it happened quite a lot to me to have the file installed in different directories for some reasons so I can't point you the exact directory). Search for the line "max_connect_errors" which is by default set to ten (if I recall correctly) and upgrade it to whatever you want. It will lock you out after for example 200 bad credentials if you put the value to 200. Have a great night and keep us updated! Best regards,
  10. Bonjour, Je sais que tu as implanté ce système... C'est écrit et c'était une question rhétorique pour te montrer quel fichier posait problème. Je te l'ai même entouré en rouge
  11. Je veux bien t'aider, mais c'est à condition que tu fasses un effort. Tu as implanté quel système ? Quel fichier est indiqué dans le syserr ? Indice :
  12. import net Si tu as renommé ton module net du côté de tes sources, regarde les autres fichiers python et copie ce qu'ils ont fait "import xxx as net". Bonne soirée
  13. Je pense très franchement que c'est n'est pas une erreur. Selon moi il a implanté un système qui interdit d'utiliser des montures sur certaines cartes et ça lui dit lesquelles au boot. Peux-tu nous fournir le syserr du dossier "db" s'il te plait ?
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