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  1. Ok, but from what i noticed the client uses granny . Is there a converter to read the gr2 models? He doesnt read many new models PS: I solved. I updated granny version and it seems that everything works perfectly
  2. Hey @ASIKOO what did you use to convert gr2 models to version ? I added a sash on the server, can't see it, i changed the model with the same sash found in the client from M2PROJ 1.0.1, and it seems to have worked.
  3. hey @ASIKOO ive a question for you If int64_t is used for signed long long, for unsigned long long what can i use? I dont see anything like that in the list, thats why i ask
  4. Hey @ASIKOO ive a question about debug mode. I need debug mode for the launcher, i compiled the client successfully but when i open the game i get the following error: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0150002)/ Can u give me some advice on what i can do?
  5. Hey @ASIKOO in the end i managed to make everything functional :d I've a question about the specular (the gloss on the armor/weapons) what did u modify to get that gloss only in certain parts of the armor/weapons? Ex: [Contenu Masqué] | [Contenu Masqué]
  6. Super I found some problems 1. I created a new account but it looks like i can't receive yang ( [Contenu Masqué] ) I dont see any errors in syserr. And i think there's another problem with the pet type. 2. Yhis happens when the pet is invoked. When i change my char or disconnect from the game, that effect on the item doesnt disappear, but the pet disappears. [Contenu Masqué] 3. Trade doesnt work 0323 13:54:08519 :: R :: File "", line 974, in StartExchange 0323 13:54:08520 :: R :: File "", line 863, in StartExchange 0323 13:54:08520 :: R :: File "", line 110, in OpenDialog 0323 13:54:08520 :: R :: TypeError 0323 13:54:08520 :: R :: : 0323 13:54:08520 :: R :: not enough arguments for format string 0323 13:54:08520 :: R :: PS: The trade problem is only for locale/en, and to solve the problem make the following changes: Open locale_game.txt search EXCHANGE_TITLE Trade with %s (%d) EXCHANGE_TITLE Trade with %s (%d) replace with EXCHANGE_TITLE Trade with %s That's all i've found so far I would be happy if you could offer a solution for these
  7. Btw, when the client source compiles maybe most will get the next error Error RC1015 cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. I fixed the error by making the following change: I opened the file UserInterface.rc and instead of #include "afxres.h" i replaced with #include "windows.h" :)
  8. Hey @ASIKOO when u will release version 1.1.0, could you specify the file where you made changes so that we can compare the files with version 1.0.1?
  9. To fix mysql errors i rebooted the VPS and from what i see everything works fine.
  10. It seems that ive another problem with abilities, when i activate the sword aura the buff is not activated... I dont understand what can be wrong, i use version 1.0.1 PS: I solved. Everything seems to be working fine. Ty for all
  11. Hmm. it looks like there is an error for the player table and this error is ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Out of range value for column 'horse_stamina' at row 1 and the problem i would refer to only for the player table. PS: I solved. All i did was change smallint with int for horse_stamina
  12. Indeed, the problem is mine. It looks like the version of mysql on which your server is running is 8.0.20 and i use 8.0.23. I think this causes the problem of saving info in the db.
  13. Hello again today i had a little more free time to test the serverfiles, i found some more problems with packages and a problem with savind info in the db. I can't say that its a good server for beginners but its a good server for resources Congratulations again @ASIKOOfor the project, but from my point of view there is still a lot of work for this serverfiles to work in normal parameters
  14. Ok, ill try. Thanks for the answers PS: It work Ty again.
  15. Ok I've a question about a server startup issue. When i try to start the server on a VPS i get the following error ./game_1_1: Exec format error I use bsd 12.2 and can you give me some advice on what i can do? :d
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