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  1. tarata13

    Owsap ServerFiles V4.9.6.9

    I have 1 problem creating female warrior, I don't have syserr anywhere, the only message I get is the dialog box on the client saying that it was not possible to create. Someone can help me?
  2. tarata13

    Owsap ServerFiles V4.9.6.9

    Problem compilation binary library kernel32.lib I already uninstalled and installed vs2019, I have the 3 currently installed as windows SK updated, I don't know what it can be Someone help me?
  3. Problem when you try to link two accounts, one of them goes down, it just happens in released mode, in debug mode it doesn't happen ... Does anyone help to understand what it is?
  4. tarata13

    2.0.0 | M2KSF Project

    Thank you, they should all be like you! +1 I will follow the project, I'm Portuguese!
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