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  1. I understand that you don't have time to help me finding clients and files due to your lack of understanding my points but somehow... I tought it was a helping society I'm not bitching about making a server yet. I'm only asking for items that might could help ON OTHER'S PROJECTS or on my projects... why the hell can't anyone help me? Even I showed up money and noone gave a sign? Does anyone knows how annoying and degrading to post on every forums and getting 0 help from others?
  2. nah just close my topic and wait forr someone to HALP MEH or whatever I don't care... Thanks for your patience user!
  3. or 50-60 usd for ... nevermind i give up. thanks for your time and good wishes
  4. Yes I am basically aware that I am a hopeless case, but we are looking for these things in at least 12 forums with ourselves
  5. and I'm looking for these armor effects yes probably I can recreate them but the image is kinda blurry to see which dds files were mixed into the effect's texture [Contenu Masqué] [img][Contenu Masqué][/img]
  6. Still searching for these and this clientdesign and these mobs/stuff...
  7. If I pay on paypal for those can someone bring me those weapon models and icons and textures please?
  8. Lunaris Online Armors [Contenu Masqué] [Contenu Masqué] [Contenu Masqué] [Contenu Masqué] [Contenu Masqué] [Contenu Masqué]
  9. Retro stuff so if anyone needs it: This pack contains these models and textures. dl: [Contenu Masqué] or [Contenu Masqué] or [Contenu Masqué] or [Contenu Masqué] vt: [Contenu Masqué] Img:
  10. Thanks for your help. Also I'm looking for old clients which looks like these: the parts that I'm looking for from these are the old remixed grass textures, old tile textures the remixed skill effects the armour effects with lightning & lightring stuff with the old icon designs the only thing that I could get yet was the "old" remixed water textures
  11. I'm looking for armors and weapons like these from the Old French Lunaris Online's client also I'm looking for weapons like these PS: Mod if you have a problem just please move my topic to the "FILE REQUESTS" topics thx
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