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  1. Enchant Alchemy [C++] 100% Clean Code You can't change bonuses on an equipped alchemy New item for enchanting New subtype for enchanting ( USE_CHANGE_ATTRIBUTE_DS ) First bonuses are cleared and after new ones are added Using also DragonSoul.cpp/h ( not just char_item ) Easy to configure https://i.imgur.com/oYvWIZY.gifv Price : 15EUR Guild Attributes [C++/Python] 100% Clean Code Bonuses are unlocked starting at level 15 and continue until 20 Bonuses apply only to guild members If you leave the guild, the bonuses will disappear You can put what bonuses do you want/ what value do you want Easy to configure Price : 30EUR Gaya [C++/Python] 100% Clean Code Easy to configure Support special storage Price : 30EUR Skillbooks Renewal [C++/Python] Price : 10 EUR Special Storage [C++/Python] 100% Clean Code Easy to configure ( add/remove pages/categories ) Support offline-shop Sorting option Price : 50EUR Premium System [C++/Python] 100% Clean Code 3 Types of Premium ( Default ) With the type of premium chosen, you receive a title above the name You can add as many types of premium as you want You can change or add other bonuses very easily You can choose only one bonus out of the 3 You can add an extra bonus using an item Bonuses and times are displayed at the top left of the client ( Affects ) The system solves the bug at the party Also, depending on the type of premium you get extra bonuses like +Refine Percent/+Drop Percent/ +Yang Drop Percent/ ETC Available (People who can buy) : 5 Price : 50EUR Offline shop & Search Shop [C++/Python] -> You can enable/disable yang limit ( smart thing instead of using ifdef/else, you just use in service.h just use typedef int64_t GoldType; typedef uint64_t uGoldType; #define UGOLD_FORMAT "%ull" #define GOLD_FORMAT "%lld" or typedef int GoldType; typedef unsigned int uGoldType; #define GOLD_FORMAT "%d" #define UGOLD_FORMAT "%u -> Easy to configure from service.h #define SHOP_ITEM_MAX_PRICE 999999999 #define OFFLINE_SHOP_TIME_LIMIT 3600 * 48 #define OFFLINE_SHOP_RENEW_PRIC E 1000000 -> You can add/remove/close the shop from everywhere/every channel -> New window in item table (OFFLINE_SHOP) so you don't need a new table for items -> System using just 2 queries and Cache -> You can set the time for flushing Cache from conf.txt -> You can set the map allowed for creating offline shop from config -> You can Lock/Unlock the shop ( When shop it's locked it will be red on the minimap and you will be the only person which can see it ) -> Price renewal ( f.e : You add 1x Blessing Scroll with 10k so when you will add 10x or 100x the price will be auto inputted x count: Work if you add mor e or less) -> Items disappear when having 0 time -> After the shop time expire will be auto-locked and you will get a new button "Renew" which renew the time -> You can add an effect for shops from PlayerSettingsModule.py and only the owner of the shop can see it -> Code it's 100% clean and professional without bugs or leaks Search shop -> You can sort items by price -> You can add items on bookma rks -> When you press on the item from bookmarks will be auto inputted in the search category -> You can see the count / the attributes of items -> You can contact the shop owner with PM Button -> With left click you can buy the item direct from search shop and with right-click the shop will be marked -> You can buy from shops which are on the same core as you are Price : 125 EUR YouTube Discord : Dalí#3200 Skype : live:3c21aff41af2b03b
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