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  1. Problem solved. Thanks once again. Now just some silly beginner questions: What actually happens if I use the /shutdown command ingame? I know it is used for maintenance mode, but how do I put it back on? How do I make my translations being saved? (I found the item_names etc it just needs to safe) How can I manually add an ingame account? Thanks in advance
  2. Hey Gurgarath, Thank you for answering. The tutorial was indeed very easy to read and follow. Perfect for new members who want to create their own local. I appreciate your effort. I used the command and the problem was solved. I also increased limit a bit to avoid future problems. But ofcourse, knowing me, one problem after another This time the error message below showed up. I already mastered the account so it should have full access, and I'm 100% sure the inserted password is correct. I did read something like changing that password by command, could you (or someone else) explain if that really is a solution, and if yes, what am I supposed to do? And if no, what other options I may have? Looking forward answers. Thanks in advance, RabbitRun
  3. Hi all, As I am a very newb when it comes to creating servers, I so far reached every step successful using THIS tutorial and I'd like to thank the authors. However.. The last step is giving me headache, I can't get into the database. When connecting MYSQL to the db it says error code 1129 (blablabla is blocked due to too many connection errors- I'm sure you're familiar with that). Now I've searched many times and I did find a somewhat solution (even on this forum). But I'm a very newb to this so I'd like to ask someone who can explain me step to step on how to resolve this problem. This includes using the commands and where exactly. If you need more info, you may just ask it. You may also reply in French, Google knows alot Thanks in advance, RabbitRun