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  1. Hello Sgt Fatality. I'm using the binary files from the current beta, so WakfuBDataReader is working as intended. I open file 35 ( the item file ) and it reads all info from the file. In this file there is a column called m_effectIds. Theses ids are linked to attributes of the item. So for example m_effectId 233608 would be 85 Health Points (At least I think it is...). The problem is that I don't know where I can obtain this linking information ( the 85 Health Points info). So I have ids of gears attributes, but I don't know what attributes this ids are tied to. I hope I explained myself better this time : ) Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello Sgt Fatality I'm trying to obtain the status of the gear. For example item with m_id 23228 is ocushu spikes The column m_effectIds has this information: 233608|233609|233610|233611|233612|233613|233614|233615|233616 and this ids will translate to this info (using encyclopedia information [Hidden Content] ): 85 Health Points - 233608 10 Initiative - 233609 18 Mastery in 3 random elements 233610 10 Rear Mastery 233611 14 Resistance Water 233612 14 Resistance Air 233613 14 Resistance Earth 233614 1 Kit Skill 233615 Fury (+20 Lvl.) 233616 What file has this information? Thank you.
  3. Hello. I'm trying to read wakfu binary files in order to create a list of gears. I'm using WakfuBDataReader to read file 35 (Item) and I can get a list of all items in the game. My problem is that for every item, there is a column m_effectIds where the gear status are stored. But I can't link the values of this column to any other binary file. Can someone point me in the right direction of where should I look for mapping this column? Thank you Bonjour. J'essaie de lire les fichiers binaires wakfu afin de créer une liste d'engrenages. J'utilise WakfuBDataReader pour lire le fichier 35 (Item) et je peux obtenir une liste de tous les éléments du jeu. Mon problème est que pour chaque article, il y a une colonne m_effectIds où l'état de l'engrenage est stocké. Mais je ne peux pas lier les valeurs de cette colonne à un autre fichier binaire. Quelqu'un peut-il me diriger dans la bonne direction d'où devrais-je chercher pour la cartographie de cette colonne? Je vous remercie