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  1. Hello, As megaupload closed his doors and as all the links for Ancestra Remake rev 47 were there, I decided to share again this revision of the emulator created by DeathDown. Without delay here are the links : Cordially, I. Changelog II. Downloads III. Sources Original thread author : Mehd-Il Translation : nicosti
  2. Hi, So, I'm not saying I'll resume the development of the emulator, based Ancestra Remake rev47, but simply that I'll sometimes make changes, whenever I want to or want to spend time. So, there, I spent about 10 minutes on the code of the last version of the emulator. I do not bring grand or fabulous things which is something at least. As you'll see, these are mostly corrections for fights and AI. I remind that I did not spend more than an hour on the code. I also think that what I've done doesn't justify going from version 4 to version 5, hence the 4.5. Then, unlike numerous forums, given the "Learn and Share" operation taking place, I share the sources of this revision, but provided that I do not see it on any other forum. Normally, sources are intacts (normally, ...). Cordially, venom/Skillet/Derezzed Moderation note : Archives of the emulator has been redone to incorporate the database but more importantly the configuration file, the launcher and the changelog that were missing. I. Changelog II. Downloads III. Sources Website : taringa.net (source for v4 and the related changelog, translated at best by the moderators) Original thread author : venom Translation : nicosti
  3. Hey, As I can't stand working on CyonEmu anymore, I decided to stop that reprise. Instead, I, with Défense, took back the development of the emulator of our last server : CrisisEmu, based sur GravityEmu. With a lot less bugs (2/3 small remaining), it will regroup some of the features of Cyon : Quests, fullmorphs and a few fixes. Otherwise, trade NPCs are already implemented and can craft all the items from the craft table. For those who are sceptical, I prepared some screens. Quests : I specify that it is normal that the rewards aren't matching those listed by the quest, I put anything in the db. Quests have been quickly developed and thus are of course not 100% identical to official and it is likely that you'll find bugs with them. Thanks to report those bugs to help us fixing them as soon as possible. Any problem with the emulator finds his answers in the Help & Support section. Important : The emulator hashes the passwords in sha-512 : you therefore need to set the type of the column pass to text and hash in sha-512 with your website (function php hash()) I. Screens II. Changelog III. Downloads III. Sources Original thread author : Nicky31 Translation : nicosti
  4. Hello, I'm sharing here the last revision (it seems to me) of probably the most known and complete emulator : Ancestra Remake by DeathDown That emulator is in no way my creation, but the one of Deathdown. Please use the Help & Support question for any question related to this emulator. I. Changelog II. Downloads III. Sources Original thread author : Nicky31 Translation : nicosti