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  1. In the system options of the game we can choose two camera modes responsible for the maximum range of the camera distance: short and long CAMERA_MAX_DISTANCE_SHORT = 2500.0 CAMERA_MAX_DISTANCE_LONG = 3500.0 In addition, we can increase the field of view in PythonApplication.cpp (Source Bin\client\UserInterface): void CPythonApplication::RenderGame() { if (!PERF_CHECKER_RENDER_GAME) { float fAspect=m_kWndMgr.GetAspect(); float fFarClip=m_pyBackground.GetFarClip(); m_pyGraphic.SetPerspective(30.0f, fAspect, 100.0, fFarClip); The first numerical value is responsible for the field of view. Lower value is a deeper look, while larger is wider.
  2. Can someone familiar with programming can fix this code?
  3. Here are mine InstanceBase and InstanceBaseEffect.cpp [Hidden Content]
  4. First bug: Next bug: In summary, the patch fixes one mistake and adds the next one.
  5. Bonjour, Prénom / Pseudonyme : Demedina Ville / Région / Pays : Poland Age : 28 Définissez vous en quelques lignes, caractères, qualités et vos défauts : I know Polish, my feature is accuracy, and time is a disadvantage. Définissez vos activités, vos passions en quelques lignes : I like graphics, drawings and all other works Comment avez-vous connu Funky-Émulation ? Uncle google offered me this page. Que recherchez-vous sur ce forum ? Everything. Editing metin2. Qu'attendez-vous de Funky-Émulation et de sa communauté ? I do not expect anything from you. Except for accepting me in this forum. Avez-vous des compétences particulières de près comme de loin dans le domaine de l'informatique ? I do not have. Un petit message pour la fin ? Hello all Cordialement, Demedina
  6. Demedina

    partage Armures X8

    Very nice, i like this set armor.
  7. Look this: PS: Mei sorry for this spam. I will not be littering your topic anymore.
  8. I first must look:p
  9. Hello mustang. I have now problem with button. How to change position (uiquest.py I know, but how?). Thanks for your time.
  10. Cool work. I also like to paint sometimes;)
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