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  1. Update New Normal Citest map 1 map 2 https://metin2maps.blogspot.com/2020/05/new-city-map-1-map2_22.html
  2. Easter cities are ready and tested. The first and second cities cost 35 € https://metin2maps.blogspot.com/2020/03/easter-cites-design-2020_1.html The recorded video presenting the appearance of cities is placed directly on the blog
  3. Easter cities being created, these will be the first and second cities
  5. Hello, I have recently set up my own blog where I present and share some of my works, so if you are looking for maps, I invite you to visit Contact is on my blog and Facebook https://metin2maps.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Chungoxd/ New Update Easter Cites Design 2020 https://metin2maps.blogspot.com/2020/03/easter-cites-design-2020_1.html New Update Normal Oriental Cites Map 1 Map 2 https://metin2maps.blogspot.com/2020/05/new-city-map-1-map2_22.html
  6. Contact : https://www.facebook.com/Chungoxd/ and private messages on the forum A set of cities costs 30 euro Payment methods paypal Cities were made 100% by me, all similarities to other cities are completely random
  7. People gf is so predictable here it is not about any copyright or anything just starts a new server and want to download people to themselves, so I delete private server ads on youtube
  8. Funny information GameForge has not closed the rubinum server the server has been closed due to tax fraud Turkish community manager is an idiot that they attribute this merit to themselves no server will be closed by gameforge because the law does not mean anything, they only have licenses to distribute the game to Europe and that's all only the creators who advertised private servers suffered and their channels in total
  9. A full set of armor weapons and a sash Download : Here Miror Scan : VirusTotal My topics : Angel Costumes - Logo Removal Service - Charon Costumes
  10. Hello everyone, very warmly I am giving you another costumes or armor from which I removed the logo In addition, I removed the wings but I provide you with 2 versions of the model with wings and without Tested in the game : Download : Here FE Scan : Here If you would like to get rid of the logos from your models, I invite you to this topic:
  11. EN. Hello! I wanted to offer you my services. I can delete the signs/logos from any kind of models. Recently the sellers use a lot of logos in their work and it is getting harder to find clear models without these signs. I can delete two kinds of signs. One is easier, and it is cheaper. It looks just like on the screenshot below, separate net with logo: The second kind of a sign is harder to delete, and it is a bit more expensive. It looks just like on the screenshot below. As you can see the logo is edited into the texture of a model. If anyone has any question or need help, let me know! Link to my fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Chungoxd/ I can guarantee that if model was not damaged before it will be working in granny viewer and most importantly in game. Warning: not all signs can be deleted by my services. In some cases you will need a 3d editor to do it. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR MY POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: After removing the logo from the model it will work with granny version 2.9. On lower versions of granny your model will not work so it is recommended to update the granny version to 2.9 in your server files. Free sample:
  12. nice thx There are color weapons for this?
  13. I will add them today to the server and present them from the game look very nice They look perfectly remember also that it's just a costume
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