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  1. Ok, T_T Do you have any map modification tools or GM tools?
  2. No, The client I have is not the same client as you, but the client I downloaded elsewhere. Can you help me?
  3. What is "unpacked" ??
  4. I have no "lang" folder in my client. T_T
  5. Ok, I got to open the server with another client.The language is in English. Can you change it to Korean through the team viewer?
  6. Thank you~! Isn't it different from the client file when you first wrote this article?
  7. I heard that Korean is already included in the client and server files. How do I set it to Korean?
  8. en cours [Résolu]Gameserver will not run.

    Thank you!! I solved all the errors. However, if you choose a class when you want to build a character, the game ends. The DMP file is created in the client folder.Why are you doing this?
  9. en cours [Résolu]Gameserver will not run.

    Hi, How long will it take to make a tutorial?
  10. en cours [Résolu]Gameserver will not run.

    I created an account the way you told me.However, the same error still occurs." Server is running. Please connect with la-ter "
  11. en cours [Résolu]Gameserver will not run.

    ID and password were tested.I have not yet created ID and password.Can you tell me how to make it?
  12. en cours [Résolu]Gameserver will not run.

    Thank you!! But there was a problem.The game server works, but if you look at the login server,Does not make All start.And when you enter your ID and password in the game,A message window appears." Server is running. Please send connecting with la-ter "
  13. en cours [Résolu]Gameserver will not run.

    [Contenu Masqué] You can download it here. Thank you^^

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